Farnborough & District Angling Society


Small river/stream fly fishing is provided on the River Whitewater at Heckfield to Bramshill stretch North East Hampshire. The river holds a small indigenous stock of wild brown trout together with a variety of coarse fish, which through active habitat maintenance and improvement we are trying to encourage further. The brown trout stocks are supplemented each season with a controlled stocking. The river is a compromise between angler access and habitat for river ecology, and offers a variety of challenges to the experienced river angler. Membership is provided to a maximum of thirty fly fishing members on a fixed block of three consecutive days per week basis each season. A waiting list applies for applicants beyond this maximum limit.

Recommended fly fishing equipment typically would be a rod 7ft to 7ft 6in long, using a floating line weight of 3 to 5. Natural fly hatches, whilst they are seasonally variable, we have experienced hatches of grannom, olives, sedge, mayfly, hawthorn, pale wateries and caenis.


Experience/Ability Required

We recommend that you are at an intermediate fly fishing standard on stillwaters, and have had experience of a large river with clear banks before you fish our small stream which in some areas has casting restrictions such as trees, fences etc...

River Approach

On a small river such as the Whitewater, rivercraft is everything. The angler should wear drab colours to blend in with the natural surroundings. The angler should be observing the water looking for natural insect hatches as they unfold.
The angler should approach with stealth, and be concealed so as to disturb as few fish as possible. This is as important when walking to commence fishing at a chosen stretch, as it is when fishing, so as not to disturb the river for other members.
When approaching another angler we should provide as much space as possible, if in doubt politely ask the angler before moving towards him or her, it could be the angler is in thought observing a movement or rise.
The true fly fisherman will be using a imitation fly that replicates the form of natural insect hatch as it is taking place, therefore responding to the changes of the natural world.